Denver Book & Media Recycling & Reuse Program

 Reuse and Recycle Books and Media

***NEWS – November 2016***

Due to funding and other issues beyond our control, we are only accepting items via appointment.  We expect to offer curbside and/or drop off service again, possibly in the Spring of 2017, when we also hope to open a retail outlet. 


If you have items of value to donate, please feel free to FILL OUT OUR NEW RECYCLING REQUEST FORM.  We will review the items and contact you with instructions.

Thank you!


At Denver Book Recycling, our Reuse, Re-purposing and Recycling Program keeps books and other media out of landfills.  Unlike many places people donate books, we are able to place books in reuse situations almost all the time.  Recycling books to us will set your mind at ease, we won’t throw your books away!  We have a variety of outlets for the books we take, Denver area Literacy Programs, DPS/Mile High United Way Power Lunch Program, etc. click here for more info!

Re-purposing books in INNOVATIVE ways is also part of our program.  Recycle your books to our program and you will help fund our Reuse and Recycling Program.  Unfortunately, many books donated to thrift stores and charities end up in LANDFILLS, donated Books don’t belong in landfills!  640,000 TONS of books are landfilled every year!  We will not throw your books away! (Here is what we do with themZERO LANDFILL Policy!

Some items we accept(@ our sole discretion):  Books, Comic Books, Audio Books, Sheet Music, Albums, Cassettes, Audio CDs, VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, Game Disks, Game Cartridges, OEM Power Supplies, HERE is a complete list of items we can accept.

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In addition to accepting books, we also DONATE BOOKS to other organizations.  If you have an organization that is in the need of FUND RAISING, we can supply BULK SORTED BOOKS at no cost to YOUR ORGANIZATION.  ALL proceeds will benefit YOUR ORGANIZATION!  We can supply books for your Little Free Library as well.
Recycled & Re-purposed Products (some coming soon):  Packing Material (paper shred), Firestarters (made from pulp, shred), BookSafes (re-purposing), BookBrix (re-purposing), Book Furniture (re-purposing), BookArt (reuse), and more to come….
Other items we in need of (looking for Grants, Sponsorships or Donations):  Warehouse Space, Shelving, Tape (clear, packing), Computers (we can fix, or use for parts), Flat Displays for Computers, Old Laptops (even outdated are okay, if they work), Materials Handling Items (bins, carts, did we say shelving?!?!).

Denver Book Recycling looks forward to a GREAT 2016!  Recycle, Reuse, Re-purpose Your Books, don’t throw them away!